> Free Photo Shoots!



You only have to pay any money if you decide to order any prints or one of our packages.

What you get:

  • You will have up to an hours long shoot.
  • You will have time for an outfit change if needed.
  • A password
    After  couple of days, simply go to the first page and enter your password to view your photographs.

    We will not hassle you to buy any of our packages. It is entirely up to you whether to order anything or not.

    Prints in a mount:

    7”x5”  – £12

    12”x8” – £15 

    Prints in a frame:

    7”x5”  – £14

    10”x8” – £20

    16”x12” (in 20”x16” frame) – £80

    20”x16” (in 20”x16” frame- £100

    30”x20” (in 40”x28” frame) – £140


    40x40cm/16”x16’’- £100

    60x40cm/24”x16’’- £110

    60x60cm/24”x24’’- £115

    75x50cm/30”x20’’- £125


    Package 1:  1 prints at 20″x16” in a frame
                              2 prints at 10”x8” in a frame
                             3 prints at 12”x8”  in a mount  
                             4 prints at 7”x5” in a mount  only  £120
    Package 2:  2 prints at 20″x16” in a frame only £160
    Package 3:  2 Canvases  at 24″x16”  only £180
    Package 4:   1 print at 30″x20” in a  40”x28” frame 
                            2 prints at 20″x16” in a frame only £260

    Edited high resolution images on DVD for unlimited printing  £20 each or £60 for 10 photos or £100 for 20 photos;

    Edited low resolution images (with sultanrahi photography logo)  on  www.sultsnrahiphotography.co.ukFree;


    Questions about our Sultan Rahi Portrait photo shoots?

    Q. Are the pictures framed or unframed?  Can each print be of a different shot?

    The prints in size 20”x16′ and 10”x8′  are supplied framed and prints in size 7”x5” and 12”x8′ are supplied in a mount . Each print can be a completely different shot and can be colour or black & white.

    Q. How long does a family portrait photo shoot sitting take?

    A family portrait session normally takes approximately 1  hour (+-30min).

    Q. Can we have different combinations of group photos during the portrait session e.g. some of all of us, some of two of us, some of children on own etc?

    Yes you can have any combination of family groups or individual shots during the shoot.

    Q. Can we have the high res photos on DVD?

    Yes, you can. We have two options for photos on DVD. If you have decided that you would like all your photos only on DVD ,  the Digital Package at £120  works out best value. If you spend £150  and decide that you want all the high resolution photos on DVD as well, then you can purchase the DVD for £50.

    Q. Do we have to have the photos taken at our home?

    We can also shoot on location such as a park or beach. Obviously location shoots are weather dependent so often your house is more reliable if a specific date is required.